Commit 09d50bd0 authored by Vitali Stupin's avatar Vitali Stupin

Fix parameter validation

parent 33bfd839
......@@ -263,7 +263,7 @@ def check_required_dict_item(dict_name, item_name, json_data, log_header):
Returns error message or None
if not json_data.get(dict_name).get(item_name):
if not json_data.get(dict_name) or not json_data.get(dict_name).get(item_name):
'%sMISSING_PARAMETER: Missing parameter "%s->%s" '
'(Request: %s)', log_header, dict_name, item_name, json_data)
......@@ -754,6 +754,7 @@ class RightsApi(Resource):
'http_status': 500, 'code': 'DB_ERROR',
'msg': 'Unclassified database error'}
# Logging responses (that may be big) only on DEBUG level
return make_response(response, log_header, log_level='debug')
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