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JSON link openes in new tab

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......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"p1": "This catalogue is generated by making getWsdl requests from RIA's Monitoring Security Server to all X-tee subsystems.",
"p2": "Subsystems with the <span class=\"badge badge-secondary\">Empty</span> icon have no X-Tee services available.",
"p3": "Subsystems with the <span class=\"badge badge-danger\">Error</span> icon either could not be reached by RIA's Monitoring Security Server or there was some other error during the request.",
"p4": "Catalogue in JSON form: <a href=\"{{jsonUrl}}\">JSON</a>",
"p4": "Catalogue in JSON form: <a href=\"{{jsonUrl}}\" target=\"_blank\">JSON</a>",
"p5": "Support: <a href=\"\"></a>"
"selectInstance": "Select X-tee instance"
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
"p1": "Antud kataloog on genereeritud saates getWsdl päringud RIA monitooringu turvaserverist kõigi X-tee alamsüsteemide pihta.",
"p2": "Alamsüsteemid <span class=\"badge badge-secondary\">Tühi</span> ikooniga ei oma X-tee teenuseid.",
"p3": "Alamsüsteemid <span class=\"badge badge-danger\">Viga</span> ikooniga kas ei ole ligipääsetavad RIA monitooringu turvaserveri poolt, või päringu tegemisel ilmnes muu viga.",
"p4": "Kataloog JSON kujul: <a href=\"{{jsonUrl}}\">JSON</a>",
"p4": "Kataloog JSON kujul: <a href=\"{{jsonUrl}}\" target=\"_blank\">JSON</a>",
"p5": "Kasutajatugi: <a href=\"\"></a>"
"selectInstance": "Vali X-tee instants"
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