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"name": "te-is",
"version": "1.24.0",
"version": "1.24.1",
"lockfileVersion": 1,
"requires": true,
"dependencies": {
"name": "te-is",
"version": "1.24.0",
"version": "1.24.1",
"license": "MIT",
"scripts": {
"ng": "ng",
......@@ -159,7 +159,7 @@
"other_person": "other person",
"overdue": "Overdue",
"overdue_tasks": "Overdue tasks",
"overdue_actions": "Tähtaja ületanud tegevusi EN",
"overdue_actions": "Overdue actions",
"participant": "Participant",
"penalty_payment": "Penalty payment",
"penalty_payment_account_number": "Account number",
......@@ -192,7 +192,7 @@
"proceeding_official": "Proceedings official",
"proceeding_review_notice": "Notice of initiating proceedings",
"proceedings": "Proceedings",
"notifications": "Teavitused EN",
"notifications": "Notifications",
"reg_code": "Registry code",
"registry_code": "Registry code",
"remove_all": "Remove all",
......@@ -306,7 +306,7 @@
"edit_risk_assesment_title": "Are you sure you want to cancel editing the title without saving changes?",
"dangers_assessment": "Risk evaluation",
"waive": "Quit",
"look_all": "Vaata kõiki",
"look_all": "View all",
"no_in_progress_risk_assessments": "There are no risk assessments in progress",
"related_business_types": "Activities associated with the type of business",
"related_business_types_description": "Juhul, kui sinu ettevõttes toimub lisaks põhitegevusele ka muid tegevusi, siis saad need märkida siin. EN",
......@@ -323,9 +323,9 @@
"risk_assessment_company_type_missing": "None (settings changed)",
"summary": "Summary",
"exists": "Occurs",
"no_notifications": "Sulle ei ole ühtegi teavitust EN",
"company_missing_risk_assessment": "Sinu ettevõttel puudub veel riskianalüüs, lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. EN",
"start_risk_assessment": "Alusta riskianalüüsi EN",
"no_notifications": "You do not have any notifications",
"company_missing_risk_assessment": "Your company doesn't have a risk assesment yet.",
"start_risk_assessment": "Start a risk assessment",
"does_not_exist": "Does not occur",
"confirm_risk_assessment_title": "Saving risk assessment",
"confirm_risk_assessment_question": "Are you sure you want to save the risk assessment?",
......@@ -342,19 +342,19 @@
"delete_risk_factor": "Delete risk factor",
"delete_risk_factor_question": "Are you sure you wish to delete the risk factor?",
"delete_risk_factor_description": "This action deletes all data related to this risk.",
"action_description": "Tegevuse kirjeldus EN",
"action_description": "Description of action",
"action_description_tooltip": "Describe how you plan to correct the deficiency.",
"risk_deleted": "Risk deleted",
"support_phone_number": "Helpline",
"upload_existing_risk_assessment": "Upload an existing risk assessment",
"risk_statement_assessment_remove_title": "Oht kustutatud EN",
"risk_statement_assessment_remove_title": "Risk deleted",
"risk_statement_assessment_remove_confirmation_text": "Are you sure you want to cancel the answer \"yes\"? If so, the measurement data below will be deleted",
"edit_risk_factor_description": "Muuda ohu kirjeldust EN",
"edit_risk_statement_description": "Muuda abinõu kirjeldust EN",
"add_custom_risk_statement": "Lisa abinõu EN",
"delete_risk_statement_title": "Abinõu kustutamine EN",
"delete_risk_statement_question": "Kas oled kindel, et soovid abinõu kustutada? EN",
"is_risk_statement_in_use": "Abinõu on kasutusele võetud EN",
"edit_risk_factor_description": "Edit risk description",
"edit_risk_statement_description": "Edit measure description",
"add_custom_risk_statement": "Add measure",
"delete_risk_statement_title": "Delete measure",
"delete_risk_statement_question": "Are you sure you wish to delete the measure?",
"is_risk_statement_in_use": "The measure has been implemented",
"useage_guide": "Self-service user manual",
"useage_guide_link": "",
"faq": "Frequently asked questions",
......@@ -366,12 +366,12 @@
"submit": "Submit",
"save_and_submit": "Save and submit",
"applicable_plural": "Valid",
"look_at_action_plan": "Vaata tegevuskava EN",
"manage_access": "Halda ligipääse EN",
"look_at_action_plan": "View action plan",
"manage_access": "Manage access rights",
"start_new": "+ Start new",
"archive": "Archive",
"no_confirmed_risk_assessments": "There are no valid risk assessments",
"risk_assessment_introduction_content_copy_mode": "Riskianalüüsi loomine olemasoleva riskianalüüsi põhjal jutt. EN",
"risk_assessment_introduction_content_copy_mode": "Here you can start a new risk assesment based on the current risk assesment in your company. Previously assessed risks and measures are already present in the tool. You can edit or add them.",
"ti_logo_alt": "Labour Inspectorate logo",
"custom_description": "Clarification",
"add_risk_factor_assessment_custom_description": "Add risk clarification",
......@@ -406,7 +406,7 @@
"risk_statement_assessment_needs_no_implementation": "No need to implement the measure",
"reason": "Explanation",
"no_action_reason": "Please explain why there is no need to implement",
"no_risk_statement_assessments": "Rakendamata abinõusid pole EN",
"no_risk_statement_assessments": "There are no unimplemented measures",
"needs_no_implementation": "No need to implement",
"risk_statement_assessment_added": "Measure added",
"risk_statement_assessment_updated": "Measure changed",
......@@ -438,16 +438,16 @@
"mark_not_done": "Mark as incomplete",
"risk_assessment_introduction": "Introduction",
"risk_assessment_introduction_content": "A good work environment ensures the preservation and promotion of employees’ health and work ability, development of work organisation and work culture in a direction that supports occupational health and safety, promotes a supportive psychosocial work environment and smooth work, creating preconditions for increasing work productivity. Depending on the area of specialisation, area of activity, and employee, a good work environment may have different meanings. For example, in a good work environment, an employee does not have back, neck, shoulder or wrist ailments, employees are not stressed, etc. Work environment risk assessment is a set of activities that enables to address issues concerning the company’s work environment systematically and efficiently. You can use the risk assessment tool of the self-service of the Labour Inspectorate for identifying risk factors in the work environment and for assessing and mitigating risks. More information is available at the Tööelu portal",
"risk_assessment_my_company_content": "To start the risk assessment, first select the type of activity of your company – use the search function or click on the link ‘View all’ and make your selection from the list. If there are additional activities associated with your business type, they will be displayed on your screen. Mark them and include them in the risk assessment of your company, if appropriate.",
"risk_assessment_saved": "Riskianalüüs on salvestatud EN",
"risk_assessment_my_company_content": "To start the risk assessment, first select the type of activity of your company – use the search function or click on the link ‘View all’ and make your selection from the list.",
"risk_assessment_saved": "Risk assessment saved",
"risk_assessment_riskfactor_content": "Now that you have selected your business type, we added the most common risks to the risk assessment of your company. You can see them here on the left side of the page. There may be hazards in your company that are not described in this risk assessment tool. You must include such risks in your risk assessment. To add additional risks, click on ‘Additional risks’ and ‘Add risk’ on the left. Involve your company’s employees to identify additional risks. Ask them which hazards they are exposed to in their job. To make it easier for you to identify hazards in the work environment, download the list of hazards available in the tool.",
"risk_assessment_riskfactor_download_list": "Download the list of hazards",
"risk_assessment_company_type": "My business type",
"no_business_in_here": "No more business activities in Estonia",
"risk_statement_assessment_title": "Measures",
"risk_statement_assessment": "Tutvu alljärgnevate väidetega ja vasta neile kas jaatavalt või eitavalt. Kui see väide Sinu ettevõtte puhul kehtib, siis see tähendab, et abinõu on ohu maandamiseks kasutusel. Kui väide ei kehti, siis vasta ei. Ära muretse, kõik eitava vastuse saanud väited saad hiljem oma ettevõtte tegevuskavasse lisada. Kui ettevõttes on ohu maandamiseks kasutusel mõni muu abinõu, mis ei ole allolevate hulgas, siis lisa see nimekirja lõpus oleva nupu abil ise juurde EN",
"no_risk_statement_assessment": "Palun lisa nüüd selle ohu maandamiseks kasutusele võetud abinõud. Kui sul on hea abinõu, kuid see ei ole ettevõttes veel kasutusele võetud, siis märgi abinõu sisestamisel, et see ei ole veel kasutusel. Ära muretse - need abinõud, mis ei ole veel kasutusel, saad hiljem oma tegevuskavasse lisada EN",
"risk_statement_confirmation_text": "Kas olete kindel, et ohtu ei ole olemas? EN",
"risk_statement_assessment": "Review the following statements and provide a yes/no answer. If a statement applies to your business, it means that a measure is in place to mitigate the risk. If a statement does not apply, then answer ‘No’. Do not worry, you can add any negative statements to your action plan later. If the company uses other measures to mitigate the risk that are not listed below, add them yourself using the button at the end of the list.",
"no_risk_statement_assessment": "Please add the measures taken to mitigate the risk. If you have found a good measure which has not yet been implemented in the company, indicate that the measure has not been implemented yet when entering the measure. Do not worry, you can add unimplemented measures to your action plan later.",
"risk_statement_confirmation_text": "Are you sure that there is no risk?",
"exit": "Exit",
"publish_risk_assessment": "Submit the risk assessment",
"required_field": "Field is required",
......@@ -461,7 +461,7 @@
"terabyte": "TB",
"petabyte": "PB",
"risk_assessment_published": "Risk assessment is published",
"no_risk_assessments_message": "Töökeskkonna riskianalüüsi saab läbi viia <a href=\"/auth/risk-assessments/create/introduction/\" target=\"blank\">riskianalüüsi töövahendi abil</a>. Juhul, kui riskianalüüs on juba olemas, saad selle üles laadida <a href=\"/auth/risk-assessments/external/create/\" target=\"blank\">riskianalüüsi lehel</a>. EN",
"no_risk_assessments_message": "Workplace risk assessment can be performed using the <a href=\"/auth/risk-assessments/create/introduction/\" target=\"blank\">risk assessment tool</a>. If a risk assessment already exists, you can upload it on the <a href=\"/auth/risk-assessments/external/create/\" target=\"blank\">risk assessment page</a>.",
"action_plan_risk_statements_not_applied": "The risk assessment includes unimplemented measures for {{ riskStatement }}",
"action_plan_risk_statement_action_planned": "You have already added a task to the action plan to implement the <strong>{{ riskStatement }}</strong> measure.",
"action_plan_risk_statement_actions_rejected": "You have decided to not implement the <strong>{{ riskStatement }}</strong> measure.",
......@@ -472,35 +472,35 @@
"action_plan_conclusion_introduction": "Well done! You have finished planning the measures and completed the risk assessment. You now need to save the risk assessment and action plan. Below, you will also find a summary of your risk assessment and planned measures. You can later manage the measures added to the action plan from the ‘Action plan’ button in the left menu.",
"remove_action_from_action_plan_question": "Are you sure you want to remove the measure from the action plan?",
"remove_no_action_from_action_plan_question": "Are you sure you want to revoke the decision not to implement the measure?",
"task_marked_todo_success": "Ülesanne märgitud mitte tehtuks EN",
"task_marked_done_success": "Ülesanne märgitud tehtuks EN",
"discard_action": "Tegevus tühistatud EN",
"action_plan": "Tegevuskava EN",
"actions": "Tegevused EN",
"add_action": "Lisa tegevus EN",
"edit_action": "Muuda tegevust EN",
"action_plan_no_tasks_message": "Sinu ettevõtte tegevuskavas pole ühtegi ülesannet. EN",
"action_plan_no_filter_result_message": "Ei leitud ühtegi ülesannet. EN",
"action_plan_add_action_success_message": "Tegevus edukalt lisatud. EN",
"action_plan_edit_action_success_message": "Tegevus edukalt muudetud. EN",
"action_plan_delete_action_success_message": "Tegevus edukalt kustutatud. EN",
"action_plan_status_change_success_message": "Tegevuse staatus muudetud. EN",
"source": "Allikas: EN",
"todo": "Vaja teha EN",
"deadline_from": "Tähtaeg alates EN",
"deadline_until": "Tähtaeg kuni EN",
"completed_at_from": "Tehtud alates EN",
"completed_at_until": "Tehtud kuni EN",
"show_marked_done": "Näita tehtuks märgituid EN",
"risk_assessment_file_upload_error": "Mõne faili üles laadimisega läks midagi valesti EN",
"these_files_could_not_be_uploaded": "Neid faile ei laetud üles EN",
"file_upload_failure": "Faili üleslaadimisel tekkis tõrge EN",
"other": "Muu EN",
"internal_audit": "Sisekontroll EN",
"describe": "Kirjelda EN",
"task_marked_todo_success": "Task marked as ‘not completed’",
"task_marked_done_success": "Task marked as ‘completed’",
"discard_action": "Action cancelled",
"action_plan": "Action plan",
"actions": "Actions",
"add_action": "Add action",
"edit_action": "Edit action",
"action_plan_no_tasks_message": "There are no actions in your action plan.",
"action_plan_no_filter_result_message": "No task found.",
"action_plan_add_action_success_message": "Action added successfully.",
"action_plan_edit_action_success_message": "Action changed successfully.",
"action_plan_delete_action_success_message": "Action deleted successfully.",
"action_plan_status_change_success_message": "Action status changed.",
"source": "Source:",
"todo": "To do",
"deadline_from": "Deadline from",
"deadline_until": "Deadline until",
"completed_at_from": "Completed from",
"completed_at_until": "Completed until",
"show_marked_done": "Mark as done",
"risk_assessment_file_upload_error": "Something went wrong while uploading the files",
"these_files_could_not_be_uploaded": "Some files could not be uploaded",
"file_upload_failure": "An error occurred when uploading the file",
"other": "Other",
"internal_audit": "Internal audit",
"describe": "Describe",
"action_plan_no_risk_statements_not_applied": "There are no unimplemented measures in the risk assessment.",
"action_plan_evaluation_intro": "Very good! You have already done a great job – you have identified the hazards of your company’s work environment and assessed if measures are already in place to mitigate them. It is now possible to add measures that have not yet been added to your action plan for future action. If, for some reason, it is not possible to implement a measure, it is possible to indicate it. In this case, a clarification as to why this measure cannot be used should also be included. All other measures can be included in the action plan to thereby further mitigate existing risks.",
"action_plan_no_risk_statements_evaluation_intro": "Very good! You have done a great job – you have identified the dangers of your company’s work environment and assessed if measures are already in place to mitigate them. It seems that all remedies for the selected threats were already in place, so you can move on from this step.",
"action_plan_delete_task_title": "Tegevuse kustutamine EN",
"action_plan_delete_task_question": "Kas oled kindel, et soovid tegevuse kustutada? EN"
"action_plan_delete_task_title": "Deleting an action",
"action_plan_delete_task_question": "Are you sure you wish to delete the action?"
......@@ -331,7 +331,7 @@
"restore": "Taasta",
"exists": "Esineb",
"no_notifications": "Sulle ei ole ühtegi teavitust",
"company_missing_risk_assessment": "Sinu ettevõttel puudub veel riskianalüüs, lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.",
"company_missing_risk_assessment": "Sinu ettevõttel puudub veel riskianalüüs.",
"start_risk_assessment": "Alusta riskianalüüsi",
"does_not_exist": "Ei esine",
"confirm_risk_assessment_title": "Riskianalüüsi salvestamine",
......@@ -379,7 +379,7 @@
"archive": "Arhiveeri",
"archive_noun": "Arhiiv",
"no_confirmed_risk_assessments": "Kehtivaid riskianalüüse pole",
"risk_assessment_introduction_content_copy_mode": "Riskianalüüsi loomine olemasoleva riskianalüüsi põhjal jutt.",
"risk_assessment_introduction_content_copy_mode": "Siin saad alustada uut riskianalüüsi Sinu ettevõttes kehtiva riskianalüüsi põhjal. Varasemalt hinnatud ohud ja abinõud on töövahendis juba eelnevalt olemas. Saad neid muuta või juurde lisada.",
"ti_logo_alt": "Tööinspektsiooni iseteeninduse logo",
"custom_description": "Täpsustus",
"add_risk_factor_assessment_custom_description": "Lisa ohu täpsustus",
......@@ -446,7 +446,7 @@
"mark_not_done": "Märgi mitte tehtuks",
"risk_assessment_introduction": "Sissejuhatus",
"risk_assessment_introduction_content": "Heas töökeskkonnas on tagatud töötajate tervise ja töövõime säilimine ning edendamine, töökorralduse ja töökultuuri arendamine sellises suunas, mis toetab tööohutust ja töötervishoidu, edendab ettevõttes positiivset psühhosotsiaalset töökeskkonda ja ladusat tööd, luues eelduse töö tootlikkuse suurendamiseks. Olenevalt erialast, valdkonnast ja töötajast võib hea töökeskkond olla erineva tähendusega. Näiteks heas töökeskkonnas ei esine töötajal selja, kaela, õlavöötme või randmete vaevusi, töötajad ei ole stressis jne. Töökeskkonna riskianalüüs on tegevuste kogum, mis võimaldab tegeleda ettevõtte töökeskkonnaga süsteemselt ja tõhusalt. Tööinspektsiooni iseteeninduse riskianalüüsi töövahendit Saad kasutada kui vahendit töökeskkonna ohutegurite tuvastamiseks, riskide hindamiseks ja ning maandamiseks. <a href=\"\" target=\"blank\">Rohkem infot Tööelu portaalis</a>",
"risk_assessment_my_company_content": "Riskianalüüsi alustamiseks vali esmalt oma ettevõtte tegevuse tüüp - selleks kasuta otsingut või klõpsa lingil “Vaata kõiki” ning tee oma valik nimekirjast. Kui Sinu ettevõtte tüübiga kaasnevad ka mõned täiendavad tegevused, siis kuvatakse need Sulle ekraanile. Soovi korral märgi need ning lisa oma ettevõtte riskianalüüsi.",
"risk_assessment_my_company_content": "Riskianalüüsi alustamiseks vali esmalt oma ettevõtte tegevuse tüüp - selleks kasuta otsingut või klõpsa lingil “Vaata kõiki” ning tee oma valik nimekirjast.",
"risk_assessment_saved": "Riskianalüüs on salvestatud",
"risk_assessment_riskfactor_content": "Nüüd, kui oled valinud oma ettevõtte tüübi, lisasime enamlevinud ohud Sinu ettevõtte riskianalüüsi. Näed neid siin samas lehe vasakus servas. Sinu ettevõttes võib esineda ohtusi, mis ei ole selles riskianalüüsi töövahendis kirjeldatud. Sellised ohud tuleb Sul endal riskianalüüsi juurde lisada. Täiendavate ohtude lisamiseks klõpsa vasakul “Täiendavad ohud” ning “Lisa oht”. Täiendavate ohtude tuvastamiseks kaasa oma ettevõtte töötajaid. Küsi neilt, milliste ohtudega nad oma tööd tehes kokku puutuvad. Selleks, et Sul oleks lihtsam töökeskkonna ohtusi tuvastada, lae alla nimekiri töövahendis saadaolevate ohtude nimekiri.",
"risk_assessment_riskfactor_download_list": "Laadi alla ohtude nimekiri",
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