Commit fb5f3fd3 authored by Jyrgen Hannus's avatar Jyrgen Hannus
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technical-debt: resolved code smells (parameterized GenericContainer)

parent 122b5ba0
......@@ -18,11 +18,11 @@ import org.testcontainers.junit.jupiter.Testcontainers;
@ContextConfiguration(initializers = {OfficialsAppTestBase.Initializer.class})
public abstract class OfficialsAppTestBase {
private static final GenericContainer rabbitMQContainer;
private static final GenericContainer<?> rabbitMQContainer;
// to speed up tests, lets use static container, it is used in all test classes that are executed inside one Spring Context
static {
rabbitMQContainer = new GenericContainer("rabbitmq:latest").withExposedPorts(5672);
rabbitMQContainer = new GenericContainer<>("rabbitmq:latest").withExposedPorts(5672);
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