Commit 518feeef authored by Enriko Käsper's avatar Enriko Käsper
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Configure Camunda job execution properties for services NOT using any Camunda process.

parent 358c2f3a
...@@ -8,8 +8,9 @@ camunda: ...@@ -8,8 +8,9 @@ camunda:
job-execution: job-execution:
max-wait: 1000 # Set values to 1000 and 50, when Camunda is actually in use. In this case the new jobs will be queried in each second.
wait-time-in-millis: 50 max-wait: 6000000
# wait-time-in-millis: 50
database: database:
schema-update: false schema-update: false
schema-name: camunda schema-name: camunda
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