Commit 2d4d0666 authored by Enriko Käsper's avatar Enriko Käsper
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TEIS-780: read Rabbit properties from env variables.

parent 518feeef
...@@ -46,18 +46,10 @@ spring: ...@@ -46,18 +46,10 @@ spring:
password: ${RABBIT_PASSWORD:guest} password: ${RABBIT_PASSWORD:guest}
listener: listener:
simple: simple:
prefetch: 25 prefetch: ${RABBIT_LISTENER_PREFETCH:25}
concurrency: 5 concurrency: ${RABBIT_LISTENER_MIN_CONCURRENCY:5}
max-concurrency: 50 max-concurrency: ${RABBIT_LISTENER_MAX_CONCURRENCY:50}
enabled: false
mode: polling
period: 1000
enabled: false
#paths: /config
management: management:
endpoint: endpoint:
restart.enabled: true restart.enabled: true
...@@ -67,13 +59,15 @@ management: ...@@ -67,13 +59,15 @@ management:
info.enabled: true info.enabled: true
teis: teis:
name: officials-service
test: test:
data: data:
resetmagic: ${TEST_DATA_RESET_MAGIC:} resetmagic: ${TEST_DATA_RESET_MAGIC:}
name: officials-service
rabbit: rabbit:
gw-exchange-name: gw_exchange gw-exchange-name: gw_exchange
gw-exchange-reply-timeout: ${RABBIT_TEMPLATE_GW_EXCHANGE_REPLY_TIMEOUT:6000}
ms-exchange-name: ms_exchange ms-exchange-name: ms_exchange
ms-exchange-reply-timeout: ${RABBIT_TEMPLATE_MS_EXCHANGE_REPLY_TIMEOUT:5000}
cs-exchange-name: cache_exchange cs-exchange-name: cache_exchange
cache: classifierItems, classifierDefinitions cache: classifierItems, classifierDefinitions
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