Commit 122b5ba0 authored by Jürgen Hannus's avatar Jürgen Hannus
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Merge branch 'TEIS-1465' into 'develop'

TEIS-1465: functionality to reset cache when application gets restarted and...

See merge request teis/officials-service!45
parents ff6aaedd cc10bb5a
......@@ -57,4 +57,6 @@ teis:
ms-exchange-reply-timeout: ${RABBIT_TEMPLATE_MS_EXCHANGE_REPLY_TIMEOUT:5000}
cs-exchange-name: cache_exchange
od-exchange-name: od-disabled
cache: classifierItems, classifierDefinitions
queues: classifierItems, classifierDefinitions
reinitialize: OfficialsGroup, OfficialUser, Office
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