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......@@ -22,14 +22,14 @@ Office API Gateway library.
* [OpenJDK 11](
* [Rabbit MQ](
See [how to run required dependencies](../docs/
See [how to run required dependencies](../../docs/blob/master/
Office API Gateway depends on other TeIS libraries:
* [TeIS Gradle plugin](../teis-gradle-plugin)
* [TeIS public commons libraries](../commons-public)
* [TeIS commons libraries](../commons)
* [TeIS common API gateway library](../common-api-gateway)
* [TeIS Gradle plugin](../../teis-gradle-plugin)
* [TeIS public commons libraries](../../commons-public)
* [TeIS commons libraries](../../commons)
* [TeIS common API gateway library](../../common-api-gateway)
## Run application
......@@ -37,13 +37,13 @@ Spring Boot project can be run directly from [OfficeApiGateway.main()](api-gatew
method or via executable jar file. More info on running Spring applications:
[running your application.](
Visit [how to run application](../docs/
Visit [how to run application](../../docs/blob/master/
## Build and configure
Visit [how to build](../docs/ for more info.
Visit [how to build](../../docs/blob/master/ for more info.
## Default profiles
Visit [environment profiles](../docs/ for more info.
Visit [environment profiles](../../docs/blob/master/ for more info.
## Additional profiles
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