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Release version 1.21.0

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# Changelog
## [1.21.0] -
## [1.21.0] - 2021-03-08
* NB: replaced Gradle compile with implementation which doesn't expose service libraries to depending services. Services
which depend on latest versions of office-api-gateway-lib may require to add dependencies for Gradle task
integTestImplementation in service Gradle configuration
* office-api-gateway-lib now exposes common-api-gateway-lib dependency
* TEIS-1981: functionality to map S3 Minio bucket dynamically (configuration provided by files service)
* TEIS-2027: added changelog entry for possible breaking change about replacement of Gradle compile -> implementation
* TEIS-2018: functionality to create read proceeding inspection document
* TEIS-2019: added new objects to GET proceedings/{id}/inspection-documents REST endpoint
## [1.20.0] - 2021-02-22
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