Commit 31974c99 authored by Siiri Tann's avatar Siiri Tann
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Merge branch 'TEIS-408-fix' into 'develop'

TEIS-408: URL fix.

See merge request teis/office-api-gateway!184
parents 17e7ab53 3e93280f
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ public class ProceduralActInspectionTopicController extends TeisBaseController {
@ApiOperation(value = "${teis.api.proceeding.put-procedural-act-inspection-topics}", response = ProceduralActInspectionTopicDto.class)
@PutMapping(value = "procedural-acts/{id}/inspection-outcome")
@PutMapping(value = "procedural-acts/{id}/inspection-topics")
public List<ProceduralActInspectionTopicDto> updateProceduralActInspectionTopics(@PathVariable UUID id,
@RequestBody(required = false) List<ClassifierItemLightDto> inspectionTopicCodes,
RequestMetaDTO requestMetaDTO) {
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