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Release version 1.22.0

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# Changelog
## [1.22.0] - 2021-03-22
* TEIS-2063: added functionality for accepting GET tasks/count requests
* TEIS-2041: added missing USE_METRICS: "true" configuration parameter for services and gateways, which use Prometheus
* TEIS-2041: started using MockMvcUtil to make gateway controller tests more useful
* TEIS-2072: Functionality update for POST/PUT tasks/action-plans request parameter deadline data type
* TEIS-2072: GET tasks/action-plans request parameters deadlineFrom, deadlineUntil, completedAtFrom and completedAtUntil
are now Date instead of DateTime format
* Fixed FileReferenceAccessController String parameter mappings (refactored to UUID)
## [1.21.0] - 2021-03-08
* TEIS-1961: new endpoint for getting authority permissions by grantor.
* TEIS-1959: new endpoint for validating authority's licences.
* Updated Minio client dependency to latest version; Code refactor due to MinioClient SDK breaking changes
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