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Release version 1.15.0

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# Changelog
## [1.15.0] - 2020-11-27
Updates in the following API's:
* GET claims
## [1.14.0] - 2020-10-30
* removed Postgres database dependency
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* updated Spring Boot framework to version 2.3.4.RELEASE
* replaced springfox-swagger Gradle dependency with springfox-boot-starter version to 3.0.0 which causes @ApiIgnore annotation to be deprecated and removed. New Swagger UI URL is ${HOST}/context-path/swagger-ui/
* updated teis-gradle-plugin version to latest which contains different Gradle dependency configuration sets (functionalities) and therefore Gradle configuration was stripped down from microservice configuration
* updated Gradle Wrapper to version 5.6.4
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* updated Gradle Wrapper to version 5.6.4
//commonApiGatewayVersion=forSearch ^commonApiGatewayVersion=.*?-SNAPSHOT
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