Commit af8d98c7 authored by Enriko Käsper's avatar Enriko Käsper
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Merge branch 'develop' into 'master'

Release: merge 'develop' into 'master' created by Enriko Käsper

See merge request teis/classifiers-service!77
parents c65d2335 bbcac323
--liquibase formatted sql
--changeset enriko:2021-01-18.TEIS-924.create_dwh_classifier_views context:local,dev,integtest,test
--changeset enriko:2021-01-18.TEIS-924.create_dwh_classifier_views runOnChange:true
drop view if exists dwh.classifier_definition;
create view dwh.classifier_definition as
create or replace view dwh.classifier_definition as
select * from public.classifier_definition;
drop view if exists dwh.classifier_item;
create view dwh.classifier_item as
create or replace view dwh.classifier_item as
select * from public.classifier_item;
drop view if exists dwh.classifier_item_link;
create view dwh.classifier_item_link as
create or replace view dwh.classifier_item_link as
select * from public.classifier_item_link;
drop view if exists dwh.classifier_attribute_definition;
create view dwh.classifier_attribute_definition as
create or replace view dwh.classifier_attribute_definition as
select * from public.classifier_attribute_definition;
drop view if exists dwh.classifier_attribute_value;
create view dwh.classifier_attribute_value as
create or replace view dwh.classifier_attribute_value as
select id, value as value_, classifier_attribute_definition_id, classifier_item_id,
created_at, created_by, modified_at, modified_by, object_status from public.classifier_attribute_value;
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