Commit 5a7bbca4 authored by Kristel Meikas's avatar Kristel Meikas
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TEIS-2226: added drivers inspections' object types

parent 9bcec43c
--liquibase formatted sql
--changeset kristel:2021-08-05.TEIS-2226.add-drivers-inspections-object-types
INSERT INTO classifier_item (id, classifier_definition_id, code, editable, name, object_status, seq_no, upper_classifier_item_id, valid_from, valid_until, level) VALUES
('OBJECT_TYPE__DRIVERS_VIOLATION', 'OBJECT_TYPE', 'DRIVERS_VIOLATION', false, 'Tööaja nõuetest kõrvalekallete kogum', 'CURRENT', 18, null, now(), null, null),
('OBJECT_TYPE__DRIVERS_VIOLATION_FILE', 'OBJECT_TYPE', 'DRIVERS_VIOLATION_FILE', false, 'Tööaja nõuetest kõrvalekallete kogumi failid', 'CURRENT', 19, null, now(), null, null),
('OBJECT_TYPE__DRIVERS_INFRINGEMENT', 'OBJECT_TYPE', 'DRIVERS_INFRINGEMENT', false, 'Tööaja nõuetest kõrvalekaldumiste andmed', 'CURRENT', 20, null, now(), null, null),
('OBJECT_TYPE__DRIVERS_NUMBER_OF_INSPECTED_ITEMS', 'OBJECT_TYPE', 'DRIVERS_NUMBER_OF_INSPECTED_ITEMS', false, 'Kontrollitud juhtide või tööpäevade arv', 'CURRENT', 21, null, now(), null, null);
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