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# Changelog
## [1.23.0] - 2022-02-10
* TEIS-1657: removed new violation elimination feature flag
* TEIS-2246: added drivers inspection justification and review deadline parameters
## [1.22.0] - 2022-01-28
* TEIS-2782: add docker CVE test step into CI/CD pipeline
--liquibase formatted sql
--changeset kristel:2022-01-28.TEIS-2246.drivers-inspection-parameters
INSERT INTO parameter (code, name, value, mandatory, data_type, frequently_changed) VALUES
('DRIVERS_INSPECTION_JUSTIFICATION_DEADLINE', 'Tööandjale põhjenduste sisestamiseks antav aeg tööpäevades.', '5', true, 'INT', true),
('DRIVERS_INSPECTION_REVIEW_DEADLINE', 'Inspektorile põhjenduste ülevaatamiseks antav aeg tööpäevades.', '3', true, 'INT', true);
--liquibase formatted sql
--changeset hando:2022-02-07.remove-new-violation-elimination-feature-flag
delete from feature_flag where id = 'new-violation-elimination';
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