Commit 97bdf5be authored by Kristjan Kruus's avatar Kristjan Kruus

Merge pull request #25 in RIHA/riha-browser from...

Merge pull request #25 in RIHA/riha-browser from bugfix/RIHAKB-883-riha-kasutajana-soovin-saada-arusaadava-veateate-kui-luhinimi-on-juba-kasutusel to develop

* commit 'bcaaf98a':
parents f24c894f bcaaf98a
......@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ export class SystemsService {
public getAlertText(errObj): string{
let ret = null;
const code = errObj.code;
const code = errObj.code || errObj.error.code;
if (code === 'validation.system.shortNameAlreadyTaken'){
ret = 'Lühinimi on juba kasutusel';
} else {
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