Commit 61faa142 authored by Kristjan Kruus's avatar Kristjan Kruus

producer-details-objects.component.html edited online with Bitbucket

parent dd7d0f08
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@
<table *ngIf="system.details.data_files && system.details.data_files.length > 0" class="details-list-table">
<tr *ngFor="let file of system.details.data_files">
<i class="fa fa-file-o text-primary"></i>
<app-file-icon [file]="file" style="margin-right:3px;"></app-file-icon>
<a href="{{ generalHelperService.getFileUrl(file.url, system.details.short_name) }}" target="_blank">{{ }}</a>
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