Commit 547321a4 authored by joonas lume's avatar joonas lume
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Add swagger profile for deployment

parent 5a4411ed
......@@ -176,7 +176,7 @@ pipeline {
// Test frontend
sh "gradle npm_run_test-ci -PnodeInstall --no-daemon"
// Package artifacts
sh "gradle bootWar -x test -DrootProjectName=${env.JOB_BASE_NAME} -Pprod -PnodeInstall --no-daemon"
sh "gradle bootWar -x test -DrootProjectName=${env.JOB_BASE_NAME} -Pprod -Pswagger -PnodeInstall --no-daemon"
archiveArtifacts artifacts: '**/build/libs/*.war', fingerprint: true
stash includes: '**/build/libs/*.war', name: 'app'
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